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WtR (WillingtoRun) offers management information solutions for all areas of industries and organizations from Back to Middle to Front office users.

Investment Solutions
We are offering Pivolt Global in the BeNeLux and Switzerland, providing a complete solution for the investment community to support your back-office operations (PMS), as well as Front (Trade Execution), Customer Relationship Building, Revenue billing and a Portal for internal and external communications and reporting.

Security Workforce Management

Guard Center allows you to automate your security services with maximum flexibility, using a user-friendly Web Portal, NFC tags, QR tags or No Tags at all and a mobile device to instantaneously update security operations regarding guard activities and their daily tasks.
Guard Center software allows you to easily manage your clients, sites and employees using our wealth of product features like, site instructions (digital maps, photos), guard tours, tasks, info boards, email notifications, alerts and alarms, memos, notes and much more.
All in real time!

Scheduling and Capacity Optimization
Specifically for Manufacturing and Logistics environments WtR Software partners with Virtuona, a distinct software provider of an advanced suite of solutions for planning and scheduling to optimize capacity, lead-time reduction, on-time delivery, improved throughput, hence increased customer satiusfaction and competitive advantage.
This suite contains various solutions;
like Tasor Planning for advanced planning and scheduling, TasorRMS for efficiently managing all internal and external service requests from customers, TasorSDS to connect physical, digital and human data for streamlined automation and control, TasorSCAS to provide an infrastructure for collection and delivery of any content and to present in any desired way.

Governance, Risk and Compliance
For Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) we offer avedos, an innovative software company focused in the GRC field. The software platform risk2value uses a path-breaking approach to flexibly support company’s individual requirements for a wide range of GRC applications including enterprise risk management, information security management, IT risk management, internal control systems, audit management and many more.
Among other clients are some of the largest and most successful global companies in the automotive, insurance, banking, telecommunications and retail industries. Avedos has established several long-term partnerships with respected organisations and system integrators in order to cover the entire GRC value chain.

InnovationDB maintains the world’s largest database listing novel technologies available for license and purchase, with offices in the USA, France, and the UK, and soon in Switzerland and India. We have a growing community of more than 10,000 for which we run events, write technology market reports, and provide up-to-the-minute news of new technologies.

weVision provides a complete solution to support Time Driven Activity based Costing for all segments and industries. This solution will enhance your ability to drive more effective business decisions based on profitability, contributions and insights of costs structures by customers, products, segments, vendors, channels, processes etc. Many large and medium sized global organizations have been using this solution for many years now.

Our Intelligent BizCards enables you to connect your personal identity with anyone and anywhere and moreover conduct business from a single platform. By blending Business Intelligence, Online Marketing with a digital business card.
This portal integrates seamlessly instant messaging applications such as SMS, Email and WhatsApp to grow your corporate and personal identity branding.
Of course based on cross platforms (Android, i-phone, etc.).

Within the investment management industry we provide complete hosting and investment accounting services (BPO) to take care of all investment accounting activities. The following examples hereof are the administration for Family Offices, Asset Managers, Wealth Managers, Private Banks, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds, Fund Administrators etc. We have been offering these services already for many years and do enjoy a happy customer base.

In the area of Budgeting and Planning we are able to support your detailed budgeting, planning and forecasting processes, starting from any detail up to any aggregated level, as appropriate and distributed throughout your global organization.

As an overall layer for all segments and industries we provide a data collector and data enrichment environment to retrieve information from all type of different sources. This solution will cleanse data, enrich data and perform calculations and present data in every format through any distribution method incl. tablets and mobile devices. This will enable management to have access to relevant information any time, anywhere, identify, analyze, and propose alternative options. Also within this area we enjoy a growing number of new customers.

Escrow arrangements in combination with our IT-notaries and how we guarantee the continuity of the software environments running your business processes. It is crucial to protect such business process and data carrying software in each organisation to guarantee continuation of operations in case of calamities. The IT-notary has a very important role in this process of the legal protection of your ownership and or your usage of your software in your organisation.

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Im Tobelacker 10, 8044 Gockhausen, Switzerland

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WtR Software
Phone: +31-208203747

WtR (WillingtoRun) offers management information solutions for professional organizations in all areas of industries from Back to Middle to Front office users, amongst others:

Our solutions have been carefully selected from a number of distinct and mature providers, who are enjoying many years of trust and serving a wide range of customers.

see for more www.wtrsoftware.com

  • Im Tobelacker 10, 8044 Gockhausen, Switzerland
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