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How it Works

Add or Claim your Listing

Go to the Homepage, enter your Company name, and click on “Search”. Didn't find your Company name? Click on the "Add Listing" button in the upper-right corner. Found your Company name? Click on the Company name to view the listing. Click on the “Claim Listing” button to claim the listing. Fill out the form, and click on "Submit". We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Add and Upload information

Once the listing has been added or granted, you are ready to add or adjust information and pictures. Click on "Login" in the upper-right corner. Enter your credentials, and click on "Login". Once logged in, scroll down and click on the blue "Edit" button next to your listing. Now you can edit your listing and upload stunning pictures to attract new clients. Click on "Save" to finalize.

Select your Package

There are three options available. You can choose between Free Membership, Standard Membership or Premium Membership. Free Membership is free, but comes with limitations. Standard Membership costs €30, is valid for one year, and renewable every year. Premium membership costs €365, is valid for 1 year and renewable anytime. Premium members will be shown on the homepage. In addition, Premium members enjoy category & country exclusivity! Premium membership costs only €365 per year. Payment through CreditCard, PayPal, TransferWise, Bank Transfer or Western Union.

Expect Results!

Check your inquiry inbox, phone, website, email and social media accounts! You can expect to receive some new business through your listing on !