How it Works

Add or Claim your Listing

Click on Login in the upper-right corner, and create an account. Login, and search for your company listing on our website, and click on "Claim Listing" next to the company name. If your company listing is not pre-loaded, click on "Add Listing" in the upper-right corner.

Add and Upload information

Once the listing has been added or granted, you are ready to add information. Login, select your listing, and Add a Company Description, Company Address, Telephone number, E-mail address, Website URL, and upload stunning pictures to attract new clients.

Select your Package

Select the Package for your listing. You can choose between Free or Featured. Free listings are free for an infinite amount of days. You can upgrade your free listing to a featured listing any time you'd like. Once upgraded to a featured listing, your listing will be shown at the top of your particular category with a featured icon. Your listing will simultaneously be shown on the homepage in random circulation along with other featured listings. Featured listings are €239,- per 365 days. (€19,95 per month)

Expect Results!

Check your phone, website, email and social media accounts! You can expect to receive some new business through your listing on !